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Extensive services for first-class results

The information on the individual services (for example editing, proofreading, plagiarism checking, editing of scientific documents) is listed here. You are also welcome to directly make a non-binding request. You will be advised reliably, quickly and competently.

For students

When you receive your thesis back from Korrektorius, edited according to scientific standards, you will receive:

  • A Flawless work
  • A learning effect through feedback from the editing
  • A better final grade
  • A positive conclusion valid for a lifetime.
  • A greater chance of a financially strong career entry
  • An increase in your self-esteem


The correction provides you with security for your texts. Any corrections to your text will be based on the new official rules of German spelling according to DUDEN. This is suitable for any type of text.

  • Spell Check
  • Hyphenation  
  • Grammar check
  • Typographic uniformity  
  • Punctuation  
  • Transparent correction and feedback  


Editing optimizes your scientific work. Editing includes all correction services encompassing the examination and optimization of the linguistic style and the golden thread in your work.

  • All correction services
  • Formulations and word choice
  • Quotes and sources
  • Testing for linguistic logic, comprehensibility
  • Editing of professional documents  
  • Diction and style of speech
  • Filler text
  • Golden thread
  • Formalities and method of citation
  • Transparent correction and feedback  
  • Sentence structure and word order
  • Abbreviations
  • Compliance with uniform spellings
  • Adherence to scientific norms

Editing of scientific documents

In addition to all the editing services as well as the proofreading, the editing of scientific documents includes in particular the content-related examination and optimization of your work.
Our editing specialists will intensively analyze your topic.

  • Language style of your subject

  • Check on coherence of content

  • Indications of comprehensibility errors

  • Structure checking

  • Result validation

  • Detection of contradictions

  • Specialist and subject knowledge of the editor
  • Content plausibility

Foreign language proofreading  

Our Foreign language editing includes the same services as normal editing. In this regard, we offer the following languages.

Languages offered:

Layout check

During the layout check, adherence to uniform scientific format standards and / or formal requirements of your institute / university is checked.

  • 100% adherence to requirements
  • Directories
  • Tables
  • Page layout
  • Structuring
  • Footnotes
  • Page numbers
  • Typography  
  • Images/Figures/Tables
  • Text formatting

Plagiarism check

A plagiarism check offers you a professional software-based control of your texts. Billions of stored documents and Internet sources are checked to avoid unknowingly false citations in your work and secure your thesis for the rest of your life. All results including all sources for the affected text passages are documented in a test report and provided to you. The importance of a plagiarism check can be read here.

  • High success rate
  • Data protection during testing  
  • Indirect citation
  • Detailed protocol
  • Short processing time
  • Maximum security
  • Bibliographical references
  • Direct citation

Text editing  

Text editing offers you a profound analysis of a manuscript as a whole. Reductions, deletions or changes in sentences, paragraphs or entire passages of text are proposed or made. Furthermore, appropriate additions are made, which are formulated according to your specifications or notes.

  • Possible abbreviations, conversions
  • Target group language  
  • Editorial review of the concept
  • Layout control of sentence and typography
  • Literary genres
  • Final Editing: Final correction and final control of the manuscript

Ghostwriting and copy writing

Our ghostwriters adapt to your writing style and produce excellent text for you. Often there is a lack of ideas or even time to complete a scientific paper or to create suitable texts for websites or brochures. Our ghostwriters produce your texts in high quality and bring in new ideas. Submit your request to us and one of our ghostwriters will contact you.


Benefit from our experienced native speakers and have your texts translated by us. Whether abstracts, entire scientific papers, acknowledgments or international articles – with us, your texts are in good hands for translation. Before the translation, we review the original to create a flawless and linguistically optimized copy, which we then translate. This service is particularly worthwhile for international bachelor theses, master theses, diploma theses, dissertations or semester and term papers. Here you get more information about our translation services.

Book editing

Book editing is a matter of trust. Our goal is to support and advise you as the author in the best possible way, taking into account your individual ideas as well as your style. As part of the book editing, your manuscript will be checked for consistency, comprehensibility, text structure, spelling and grammar. Furthermore, we also work on formatting aspects, such as the standardization of spelling, headings, subheadings, etc.
You are welcome to browse our reference lists of books we have already edited.

Proofreading of advertisements  

Editing of advertising material typically includes proofreading ads, banners, web pages, product or image brochures, catalogs, billboards, annual reports, data sheets, and other material related to the day-to-day business of your company. Submissions can also be edited for content.

If your company uses typical spellings for certain words, we will control its consistent application throughout the text and in all documents in the context of the advertising edit.

The Advertising editor also checks the overall layout of the document.

Audio transcription

We also edit texts chapter by chapter without charging extra. For technical reasons, however, we only format the final complete document or separate chapters. A customer-desired correction on a paper manuscript is made using the usual correction marks in accordance with DIN 16511.

Your request should, in any case, please be submitted to the Korrektorius Team in a timely manner so that you and we can plan ahead of time. The prices for the above mentioned services can be seen here. Please keep in mind that we may have to reject orders if there are no available capacities. One of our main strengths is our variety of file formats, which Korrektorius editing is able to edit.

The video below shows how we make the correction and how to easily and comfortably accept or reject the annotation.

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