Rates for editing

The following prices for proofreading or editing serve as a guideline. As billing variants, you can choose between page prices by quantity of text (usual procedure) or time expenditure. The page calculation is based on a standard page of 1500 characters (including spaces).

Our foreign language section is available for the ​​English and French languages. A detailed description of each included service can be found in our range of services.

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Plagiarism check

095per page


4per page


5per page

Editing of scientific documents

650per page
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Foreign language proofreading

6,50per page

Proofreading of an advertisement

6,50per page

Text editing

6,50per page

Layout check

From 8990 for up to 30 standard pages

Audio transcription

Choose between a simple (smoothed) audio transcription (word for word, but without “ums and ahs”, at € 2.30 per audio minute) or a verbatim (unsmoothed) transcript (€ 2.90 per audio minute) or the transcript under consideration of special markings such as z. Pauses for thought or reflection of emotions during the conversation (from € 3.30 per audio minute). Of course, mixed variants can also be provided.

In the case of manuscript editing, however, the prices cannot easily be set at a flat rate. In such instances, the workload and thus the proofreading prices are significantly influenced by the nature, extent, number of errors and level of difficulty of the text as well as the desired editing method. Therefore, it makes sense to make individual price agreements with the responsible editor of our team for manuscript processing.

There will be no surcharges on weekends or public holidays. In any case, you should send your Request to the Korrektorius team on time, so you and we can plan ahead of time. The procedure for submitting your manuscript or your scientific work can be viewed here. Please keep in mind that we may have to reject orders if we do not have capacity available.

You also are welcome to request a voucher and give it to your friends and acquaintances as a present.

The minimum order value is 30 €. The listed prices are final prices. In accordance with § 19 UStG no sales tax is charged.

The following payment methods are currently available:

The resulting transaction fees are borne by the customer in accordance with § 270 Section 1 of the Civil Code.

PayPal 3.5% transaction fees

Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and Diners Club) 2% – 3.95% transaction fee


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Patricia Stelzer
Patricia Stelzer
 Gerhard Pappert, Doctor of Natural Sciences
Gerhard Pappert, Doctor of Natural Sciences
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Janina Drucks, D.Phil
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Diana Maier, Doctor of Natural Sciences
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Elisabeth Pfurtscheller