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The following prices for proofreading or editing serve as a guideline. As billing variants, you can choose between page prices by quantity of text (usual procedure) or time expenditure. The page calculation is based on a standard page of 1500 characters (including spaces).


  • per page


  • per page

Plagiarism Check

  • per page

Editing of scientific documents

  • per page


For translations (German, French) we usually charge €0.20 per word. However, the total price is always calculated depending on the order. For a concrete price determination, please send us your document digitally and we will make you a corresponding offer.

Audio transcription

Choose between a simple (smoothed) audio transcription (verbatim, but without uhm/umm, €2.30 per audio minute) or a verbatim (unsmoothed) transcript (€2.90 per audio minute) or the transcription taking into account special markings, at e.g. B. to reproduce pauses for thought or the emotions of the conversation (from €3.30 per audio minute). Of course, mixed variants are also possible.


The creation of texts are always very customer-specific requests and we therefore recommend a consultation in advance to discuss the general conditions. Please contact us by phone or email to arrange a consultation appointment. You will then receive an individual offer.

Foreign language proofreading

  • per page

Proofreading of an advertisement

  • per page

Layout check

  • *starting price / for up to 30 pages


  • per page

Payment options

The following payment methods are currently available:


* The prices listed are to be understood as net prices plus the applicable sales tax. The named starting prices (e.g. for formatting services) are orientation prices. A binding offer can only be made for a work that has actually been submitted and reviewed by the Korrektorius department. The prices given here as well as the processing periods are not binding and can change depending on the order.

Still got a question?

You can find answers for frequently asked questions here. If you would like more information, you are always welcome to contact us by email or phone. Our experts are always there for you.

Your academic performance will not be changed by a spell check or linguistic optimization, therefore both editing and proofreading are permitted. These represent approved tools for optimizing your work.

We revise your text in terms of style, language and content. As part of the review, your text will be subjected to a logical, factual and dramaturgical assessment in addition to the spelling check. Editing thus represents extensive and intensive editing of a text.
Our editors devote themselves to your work – unlike friends or acquaintances – without any emotional attachment and their trained eye analyzes every line of your work in detail. Our editors are characterized in particular by great dedication, patience, neutrality and an extensive linguistic experience, which is essential for the correction.

Our approach to revising your texts is described in detail for you and the costs and prices of the Korrektorius editing service are transparent and understandable.

In particular, our software-based plagiarism check is increasingly in demand from students. So e.g. B. the time pressurewhy writing texts lead to careless scientific work. The likelihood of making mistakes and unknowingly providing incomplete or even forgetting sources increases. As part of a professional software-based plagiarism check, your work will be analyzed and you will receive a detailed report of the result of the plagiarism check on your work.

We are also happy to correct short texts such as B. CVs, applications, letters of motivation or reports.
However, the minimum order value is €30.

No. There is no obligation to do so.
However, we would appreciate it if you credited Korrektorius for editing your work. We would also adjust the respective price of the proofreading for this purpose.

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